Solution suisse "tout en un" pour le vin - Le 21 juin 2018 à Bordeaux

S4GV Wine Bottle

S4GV organise un événement unique à Bordeaux sur la logistique, la traçabilité et l'anti-contrefaçon du vin. Venez nous rencontrer à l'Hôtel Burdigala le jeudi 21 juin 2018 à 9h30.

Téléchargez votre invitation en cliquant sur le lien ci-dessous ou contactez-nous via notre formulaire ou par email à This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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Whitepaper - Biometric fingerprint identifiers driving value in the exotic leather industry

news whitepaper ufi

The overall objective of this whitepaper is to provide insights on significant technical and business results following a global traceability project. We identify reptile skins serving the purpose of securing a transparent and verifiable value chain from the production of skins (abattoir and/or farm) up to the final product in real-time.

The designed solution comprises traceability and data management components to effectively and transparently track reptile skins in real-time, and supports remote access, coupled with an authentication system that protects commercially sensitive information and also manages user-specific privileges.  The global traceability information system relies on a secure central database that can be easily accessed in real-time. Information in the database covers the entire value chain from the upstream hunters and/or farms all the way to the downstream final product, or “from cradle to grave”.

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