Whitepaper - Biometric fingerprint identifiers driving value in the exotic leather industry

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The overall objective of this whitepaper is to provide insights on significant technical and business results following a global traceability project. We identify reptile skins serving the purpose of securing a transparent and verifiable value chain from the production of skins (abattoir and/or farm) up to the final product in real-time.

The designed solution comprises traceability and data management components to effectively and transparently track reptile skins in real-time, and supports remote access, coupled with an authentication system that protects commercially sensitive information and also manages user-specific privileges.  The global traceability information system relies on a secure central database that can be easily accessed in real-time. Information in the database covers the entire value chain from the upstream hunters and/or farms all the way to the downstream final product, or “from cradle to grave”.

Key findings and results disclosed further in this whitepaper are:

  1. The Unique Fingerprint Identifier (UFI) enables the identification of millions of skins. Indeed, secure identification of reptile skins (applicable to many types of reptiles and extendable to other animals) is resistant to skin treatments. Reptile skins appearance can be used for skins’ traceability across supply chain because treatments and manipulations applied to skins do preserve enough information to allow their unique identification.
  1. Value and Return-On-Investment are at the fingertip of the fingerprint. Beyond traceability features, numerous value added solutions based on the reptile skin unique fingerprints are available for commercialization. Optimized and harmonized skin quality control at individual skin level, central regulatory document management and optimized farming are just a subset of the infinite possibilities to drive value from the unique biometric fingerprint identification.
  1. Operations rely on an open IT platform and smartphones which were proven to be the adequate device to acquire skin appearance at macroscopic and microscopic level. The smartphone App combined with an Information Platform successfully provided end-to-end visibility across the entire value chain at the skin level, covering potential deployments both within- and outside- company’s own 4-walls or company’s own operations and perimeter.
  1. The ability to trace the skin across its entire lifecycle provides higher integrity and trust in the supply chain. This guarantees that all formal obligations like required documentation, taxes and duties have been absolved and volumes verified; tracing backwards through the supply chain establishes the chain of custody, therefore ensuring the authenticity of the product or whether it was diverted out of the legitimate supply chain.

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