Unique Selling Propositions

Full end-to-end supply chain visibility, monitoring and traceability from manufacturing to the shop floor

The S4GV suite is natively built to support the end-to-end supply chain, whether within or outside of the four walls, connecting all the value-chain stakeholders into a single environment. Our customers can rely on the services provided by the S4GV Platform and/or work with our specialized S4GV Solution to manage the full life-cycle of an item from Production to multiple steps of Distribution/Warehousing and Transportation then into the hands of the final customer, be it via a purchase in a Store or an Asset Management allocation during an international conference.

The S4GV Solutions will track and store:

  • The movements between locations and stocks
  • The logistics-related processes involving the various items (Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Shipment Orders, Transfers, etc.)
  • The quality control performed and corresponding results
  • In what conditions the items have been transported (GPS information, temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.)
  • When and where an items has last been seen e.g. as part of an inventory or an audit operation
  • What documents have been associated to an order or a shipment, such as customs document, import/export certificates, etc.
  • The hierarchical network and inter-relations of actors in the supply chain
  • The final customer transaction to the end customer with the corresponding profile information (via fidelity cards) and eventual promotional offers that triggered the purchase
  • And more...

The history information above can be made available to authorized personnel depending on a very configurable set of authorizations.

Leading-edge serialization technologies for supply chain integrity and product authenticity

All the S4GV components support serialization to uniquely identify an item.

From a technological perspective, it is possible to serialize an item using:

Given that S4GV is positioned as being "technology-agnostic", it is always possible to integrate additional serialization technologies. Furthermore, each item managed by S4GV can be serialized according to multiple IDs, therefore simplifying migrations (e.g. from barcode to RFID) and supporting multiple requirements in the supply chain.

From a product perspective, putting together S4GV's serialization and tracing capabilities brings a set of unique added values to control the integrity and authenticity of products:

  • What is the full product history?
  • What sub-items is this item made of?
  • Does this product belong to a controlled supply chain?
  • Is this product safe for consumption? Was it tampered with? Can I guarantee it's not counterfeited?
  • Was it properly handled throughout the supply chain to guarantee its quality?
  • Is this product in the right location or was it mishandled? In this case, where did it come from and where is it supposed to be? Should we implement an audit process to better control our supply chain?

Open and configurable environment for warp-speed customer-specific production deployments

The vast majority of the S4GV capabilites is exposed via open API for online integration with existing applications; it is also possible to rely on extended import/export capabilities for batch integration. We have successfully connected the S4GV Platform with many ERPs (including NetSuite, MS Dynamics, JDA, etc.) in very short time-frames.

All the components are highly configurable, making a customer-specific implementation a matter of configuration and not of dedicated implementation:

  • Your items have additional characteristics? No problem, just dynamically add the attributes required.
  • You want to add pictures or documents to our processes? No problem, just specify them in the corresponding structure.
  • You need to display information from the S4GV Platform on your mobile applications? No problem, just use the APIs.
  • You have a specific inboud quality control? No problem, just dynamically define the tasks into the S4GV workflow module.

Openness and configurability will result in immediate benefits as part of the production implementation of the S4GV solutions. An example? According to renowned analysts, a typical warehousing implementation takes 21 (twenty-one) months; S4GV deployed its RFID Warehousing and Logistics solution for its customer in 3 (three) months! Shorter time-to-market implies faster ROI on your projects.