Deployment Environments

Internet of Things (IoT)

tech iot componentsAs part of its Tracking and Monitoring solution, S4GV deploys an IoT environment relying on the integration and interoperability between the S4GV Platform and a set of devices:

- Multiple types of sensors - temperature, humidity, pressure, motion detection, light intensity, etc - supporting multiple standards and with a long battery life. These sensors can be configured as standalone data loggers as well as notification devices for real-time alarms.
- A communicating component acting as a gateway for real-time notifications and GPS positioning, sending information to S4GV's Service Center. This device can be powered by multiple packs of batteries - depending on the target trip duration - or be connected directly to a power plug.

The overall system relies on reusable and extensible protocols.


Hosting and Cloud Computing

tech soft architectureS4GV hosts its customer environments in a super-secure data center located in the Swiss Alps, guaranteeing the highest level of service continuity and up-time. The deployment is a cloud-computing environment with the related ability to scale up when additional resources are required.

The S4GV Platform relies on a multi-tier software architecture:

  • A set of platform clients
    • A thin client with integrated connectivity with local drivers for multiple hardware services
    • A WEB client
    • A set of mobile application
  • An API layer - based on standard and reusable WEB services. Most of these APIs are public and can therefore be used for open integration to and from the S4GV Platform.
  • A data layer for high-performance storage and processing.

From a licensing perspective, S4GV products are sold on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model: no server-side licenses are required, our customers pay for what they use. This means that it is possible to select the billing unit that is the most relevant to our customer's needs, be it OPEX or CAPEX:

  • Per user per month
  • Per geographical node
  • Per transaction
  • Etc.


tech mobileS4GV solutions support mobile deployments, either as the main interaction mode (e.g. fingerprinting and hidden code) or as a module dedicated to specific features.

Furthermore, given that the S4GV Platform is fully API-based, it is very easy to develop new interoperable components accessing the S4GV services.