The S4GV Platform is natively item-centric and supports a vast number of serialization modules as well as the integrations with the components required to successfully implement the full end-to-end Serialization strategy.

Encoding, Authentication and Verification

The term "Serialization" typically refers to the following operations:

  1. Encoding: the generation of the unique serial number and its association to a given item. This phase is often referred to as "serialization" even if it only represents part of the process.
  2. Authentication: the ability to retrieve the serial number from the item. This phase is sometimes referred to as "decoding".

The two steps above are only the underlying layer of a full Serialization strategy; the S4GV Platform brings the additional services and solutions that are required to fully benefit from Serialization:

  • Linking a serial number to the full item information, both static (the data about the item itself) and dynamic (full visibility and traceability of the item's history)
  • Integrating Serialization with relevant industry solutions (Store Management, Asset Management, Warehousing and Logistics, etc.)
  • Providing auditing and verification capabilities i.e. the ability to:
    • Confirm that a serialized item (or box or pallet) is indeed where it is supposed to be and that it has not been "redirected" through black- or grey-market routes
    • Control when and where (and by whom) a specific item has last been seen or tracked along the value chain.

The S4GV Platform bridges all these gaps to deliver a full end-to-end Serialization environment.

Serialization Technologies and Hardware Integration

The S4GV Platform and Solutions are natively integrated with multiple Serialization technologies and related components (such as readers and printers):

Furthermore, the S4GV Platform natively supports multiple concurrent serialization approaches. This allows - for example - a progressive migration from barcodes to RFID with no need for a "big bang" switch that is often problematic.

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